Wind Report

Emerging Opportunities And Challenges Of The US Offshore Wind Market

As of end September 2021, there were at least 45 offshore wind projects in development representing a $142.5bn CAPEX and $4.8bn annual OPEX opportunity

By Philip Lewis IMA/WER

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From Sea To Shining Sea: Addressing Offshore Wind Challenges With Buoy-Based Technology

Facilitating meteorological and oceanographic data collection using validated methods to support the U.S. offshore wind industry

By Alicia M. Mahon, Lindsay M. Sheridan, and Mark Severy − Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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A Floating Power Trio: Wind, Waves And H₂0

Floating offshore wind is now firmly on the radar as a global investment opportunity, with plenty of deeper waters ripe for development. But it’s not just it’s ability to access deeper water resources that many are eying this technology. It’s ability to provide a local power source to, for example, offshore oil and gas facilities or remote islands, is also making it attractive, especially when combined with hydrogen production.

By Elaine Maslin

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Green Corridors: The Catalyst For The Decarbonisation Of Maritime Supply Chains.

A new framework, created by the Lloyd’s Register Maritime Decarbonisation Hub, aims to get the industry sharing best practice, helping to scale up smaller decarbonisation successes to large-scale ocean-going shipping.

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